Trading services

ASX operates two trading platforms: our cash markets operate on ASX Trade and our derivative markets operate on NTP.

ASX Trade

ASX Trade is ASX's ultra-low latency cash market trading platform based on NASDAQ OMX’s Genium INET system. The trading services ASX TradeMatch and ASX Centre Point both operate on ASX Trade. The key products traded on ASX trade are:

  • Equities
  • Exchange Traded Funds
  • Exchange Traded Options
  • Warrants
  • Index Options
  • Interest Rate Securities
  • Australian Government Bonds

ASX TradeMatch is ASX’s cash market lit (displayed) order book supporting a range of order types giving participants flexibility and control over how they trade.

ASX Centre Point, Australia's largest anonymous mid-point matching system, offers a suite of Advanced Order Types, designed to maximise price improvement, protect against information leakage and uncover natural block liquidity.

ASX Trade’s Sweep order type offers access to both Centre Point and TradeMatch in the most efficient manner. View more information on ASX Trade-Sweep Order Types.

ASX Trade supports the reporting of off-market trades executed by ASX participants. View more information on ASX Trade – Trade Reporting and Off-Market Services.


NTP is ASX's proprietary trading platform providing customers access to the products listed on the ASX 24 market, including:

NTP is home to some of Australia’s most established and liquid derivative products. NTP also facilitates exchange-for-physical and block trade functions.

Technical services

ASX recognises that our customers have differing needs with respect of the nature and speed of access to our markets. As such, ASX offers a range of Technical Services and connectivity options for access to our markets including access via ASX Net, ASX Net Global and hosting and colocation services in the Australian Liquidity Centre (ALC).