Monitor the performance of securities that you hold or are interested in with ASX watchlists. Simply register for a MyASX account and you’ll be prompted to ‘Create an ASX watchlist’.  You can create multiple ASX watchlists so you can track both securities you hold or securities you are watching.

ASX watchlists are easy to create and allow you to access price and announcements on your securities quickly and conveniently in one location.

With ASX watchlists you can:

  • create up to 15 watchlists with 20 securities in each
  • update your watchlist with any securities you hold and the price you paid so you can easily see any change in value (20 minute delayed pricing)
  • add shares, interest rate securities, options, warrants and indices

To create ASX watchlists you simply need to register or login to your MyASX account.

How to use ASX watchlists

ASX watchlists are easy to use but if you need help to set up your watchlists you can follow the guide below:

For more information read our frequently asked questions.