Grains derivatives

Discover fresh opportunities

Growing potential

Grain has been an agricultural export for Australia for more than a century. Recognised globally for the quality of our product and the sophistication of our market, Australian grains are well positioned to maintain their growth trajectory on the international market.

Like the rest of the world, the Australian market is not immune to volatility. However it's the tools and strategies you use to mitigate volatility that can position your business for further growth. ASX Grains futures and options contracts can help you manage risk, protect your business from market volatility, help bring more certainty to your future cash flows and allow you to capitalise on the opportunities that currently exist.

Strategies to manage your exposure

ASX Grains futures and options offer you an effective way to manage the price and counterparty risk inherent in the Australian grains market. Whether you're looking to protect your physical position through hedging, or you want to leverage your position through speculative strategies, ASX Grains can help take your business where you want to go. Plus, complementing your offshore hedging strategies with ASX Grains futures and options can help reduce your basis and currency risk.

ASX. A heritage with the land

Like many of the world’s benchmark futures exchanges, the origin of Australia's futures trading was in the agricultural markets, tracing back to 1960 when ASX began trading as the Sydney Greasy Wool Futures Exchange. Today, ASX is proud to be able to draw upon our 55-year history of providing risk management tools for Australia's agricultural industry. It's safe to say that ASX is the most experienced exchange for Australian agriculture..

New Trader Incentive program

ASX offers a New Trader Incentive (NTI) program to help customers integrate ASX Grains into their trading activity. The program is open to new and returning customers who have not traded ASX Grains in the past 12 months. It provides a substantial AUD$1.50 rebate on the headline exchange fee, resulting in a new fee of AUD$0.50.

Who can benefit from ASX Grains?

If you have an interest in Australian grain, then you and your business can benefit with ASX Grains. ASX supports transparent price discovery and the opportunity for you to manage your risk or implement your investment strategy. Key market participants who engage with ASX Grains include:

  • Growers
  • Bulk handlers and merchant traders
  • Banks
  • Hedge funds, arbitrage traders and speculators
  • Co-ops, brokers, clearers and data providers
  • International and domestic traders and exporters
  • International and domestic end-users
  • Mills, feedlots and bio-refineries